Lost and SURFING at the Waterman’s Golf Tournament


The …lost/SURFING Magazine Hole Four at the Waterman’s Golf Tournament, held at the St. Regis in Dana Point, went off today! As golfers stopped by, they had a chance to whack tennis balls at a …lost surfboard sitting down on the beach in front of the links. The rules were simple: hit the board with a tennis ball, take the board home with you. Easier said than done -- no one connected. Maybe take it a little easier on the cocktails next time fellas.

A slip-n-slide was set up on the beach, free …lost gear was given out, and golfers had the opportunity to lower their score on Hole Four by going out and ripping a few waves.

Kelly Slater and Rob Machado sub'd in …lost team rider Dylan Melemed to surf for them while others such as Pat O’Connell and Roxy's Danielle Beck chose to go out and rip Salt Creek themselves.

Overall, it was a fun, successful day until the whole operation got shut down by some random jerk who didn't like seeing people have better time than him. -Jimmicane

lost011Win a surfboard and impress some ladies.

lost02The kids frothed over the slip-n-slide.

lost03"Why can't these losers win the surfboard?"

lost04Close, but no Mayhem.

lost05Free gear rules.

lost06Pat O'Connell riding a Mayhem.

lost07Checking out the product.

lost08A little game of bag toss.

lost091The test: surf in golf shoes. The result: not good.

lost10Jr. Lifeguard race for an International Surfing Day tee.

lost11Ryan Divel headstand.


There was a lot to aim for at Hole Four today.