They Will Surf Again – Zuma Beach Event 2005

They Have Surfed Again

The "Life Rolls On" foundation takes seventeen disabled people surfing.

There was this gardener, and several years ago he planted a seed. In 2003 it finally got the right amount of sunshine. Ever since then it has grown. This past Saturday on May, 21st the growing conditions couldn’t have been better. A classic L.A. day: clear desert skies and a steady 2-4 foot swell at Zuma. People came from all over to be a part of it.

Ever since Step into Liquid depicted quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer overcoming the mental and physical burdens of his paralysis by riding a wave, Jesse’s "can-do" mentality has spread like springtime. “There is no better place for healing than the ocean," said the program director of "They Will Surf Again" (TWSA) Richard Yelland. TWSA is a part of Jesse's "Life Rolls On" program, which aims to increase awareness about spinal cord injuries to youth culture by using influential action sports as a means to get its voice heard.

On Saturday a group of seventeen disabled Los Angeles athletes arrived at Zuma Beach in {{{Malibu}}}, California to participate in the TWSA event and go surfing. Their ages ranged from under ten to over forty, and more than half of them had never been out on boards before. Assisted by thirty-five volunteers, the TWSA participants were able to enjoy the ocean, waves and stoke while lifeguards overlooked the action from the beach.

"There are people," said participant Erma Bombeck about the TWSA event, "who put their dreams in a little box. These are great dreams, but they never even get out of the box. It takes an uncommon amount of guts to put your dreams on the line."

Zuma was the third of many more to come organized surf events intended to be an inspiration for those who suffer from debilitating injuries. Jesse and those involved have helped to ease other people’s pain by using the presence of the ocean to communicate a positive message that is larger than words, tilling a garden of hope.

Upcoming Events:
July 24th – Night by the Ocean Dinner Gala
July 25th – {{{Golf}}} Tournament

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