2005 O’Neill Deep Blue Open: Round 1 Completed

O'Neill Deep Blue Open Placed On Hold After The Completion of Round 1The O'Neill Deep Blue Open continued its progression this morning with the completion of the round of 144 before the event organizers placed the event on hold in anticipation more favorable conditions which are expected to arrive tomorrow.

After the early morning wave check, contest directors decided to return the event to the left hand point break of Lohis. Scorching heat and uninviting, small waves greeted the competitors at first light, however, as the tide began to fill the wave size increased and provided long and winding, conditions for the completion of the first round. As midday passed, however, stronger cross-shore winds raked the wave faces and the ASP officials opted to place the contest on hold. 5 days now remain in the contests waiting period for completion.

18 surfers from the mornings bouts ensured their progression into the more critical stages of the even, while an equal number found themselves drowning their sorrows at the Lohis bar before beginning their journey home. Standout performances were delivered courtesy of Tim Boal (FRA), Drew Courtney and Marlon Lipke (DEU), all of who reveled in the long, speedy conditions to post some of the highest scores of the day. (Full results are available from www.DeepBlueOpen.com)The 5th O'Neill Deep Blue Open is now set to continue tomorrow morning with the start of the round of 96. Under the new ASP event format, the round of 96 is the last seeded round of surfers and serves to decrease the advantage the higher seeds have held in the past. As a result WCT chargers including the likes of Cory Lopez (US), Tim Reyes (US) and current world number 2 Trent Munro (AUS) will open their Deep Blue Open accounts tomorrow with the performance levels expected to rocket as the stakes increase. Stay tuned.