Manipulating Wade Goodall


The first chapter of Wade Goodall and filmmaker Jake Donlen’s web video project Creative Destruction dropped last week for public enjoyment. It features 20 minutes of Wade hucking spinners and finners in Costa Rica before receiving VIP treatment at a Metallica show. Then Wade and crew meet the band, and they all convene for a bucolic afternoon surf sesh at a CR beachbreak. Friendly gents, them. But as Wade and Metallica fade into the sunset, we wonder: What comes next? And so it’s time for a brief explanation of how Creative Destruction works.

BS air reverse. You'll have to watch Chapter 1 to see if he pulls it. (He pulls it.)

You'll have to watch Chapter 1 to see if he pulls it. (He pulls it.)

The series plays on two opposing themes (creating vs. destroying) to pose two divergent paths for Wade in each episode; which path he pursues depends on the will of the voting public. We the people can log on to Creative Destruction‘s website and vote to determine Wade’s next move. For example, now that Chapter 1 is out, we have until the premiere of Chapter 2 to vote on his mission in Chapter 3. Then Wade will go off to do (and film) whatever our votes have in store for him, and meanwhile, we’ll have another month and new pair of plot options to vote for Chapter 4. And so on until, theoretically, Wade Goodall dies or becomes uninteresting -- neither of which appears likely anytime soon.

The possible concepts for Chapter 3 are as follows:

Headfirst into the chaos that is Bali. This time of year, Bali is the center of the surfing universe.
The Plan: 5 days, 5 different surfers, 5 different breaks
The Goal: Innovation


Hit the road south along Australia’s east coast -- a coastline that is littered with empty beach breaks in early winter.
The Plan: Experiment with the man-made elements in surfing. Find it, design it, make it, ride it.
The Goal: Get weird.

Head over here to cast your vote. At press time, option 2 (FLEE THE CIRCUS / “Get weird”) leads by a margin of just 73 votes.