Hazard Pay

Healey on the morning of the injury, “trying to kill himself” on a wooden Hot Curl board.

North Shore charger Mark Healey, everyone’s favorite aquatic daredevil, had a close call at Pipe on Tuesday and now finds himself on the inured list for at least six weeks with a broken kneecap and a shattered right ankle. “I’m so lucky,” he said. “It was a straight, no parachute drop to the bottom. If I had hit anywhere in my upper body or head, I wouldn’t be here to tell you about it right now.”

Tuesday at Pipe ranged anywhere from “all time” to “solid” depending on who you talk to. Mark admitted there were some big, mean barrels, so he decided to start the day by “trying to kill himself” on a 1930s Hot Curl board. “Those things are so hard to turn,” he said, “but I did make one.”

Later in the day, as conditions continued to improve, he took out is normal gun and, before long, got the full brunt of the reef. “I kind of kooked it,” he said. “It was one of the good ones, but my back foot slipped off inside the tube and I went straight up and over splayed out. I’ve never hit the bottom so hard in my life.”

Now laid up in a cast, Healey reluctantly admits that his winter is over. But he remains in good spirits and is looking forward to kicking off the southern hemi season in Mainland Mexico. “I just ordered the Rosetta Stone today,” he said. “Now I got plenty of time to learn Spanish.”