Mark Healey Wrote A Long, Fantastic Piece For Derek Jeter’s Website – Sports!


Mark Healey calls it a (very successful) day.Mark Healey, not at a bar with Derek Jeter. Photo: Brent Bielmann

So Derek Jeter and Mark Healey walk into a bar…

That probably never happened. But if it did, I assume that Derek would get mobbed by most of the bar’s patrons who would be looking for a selfie or an autograph or maybe even sex. He would order some sort of a Martini. Healey would shy away from Jeter’s mob, order a pint, put whatever the hell he wanted on the juke box and then probably defend the entire bar from an attack being staged by a wild vicious animal because he surfs Maverick’s and Jeter played stupid baseball and who’s really the alpha male here?

But it probably never happened and it probably never will. Reality, however, created more reasonable means for men to cross paths.

Jeter started a website called The Player’s Tribune. The site provides an outlet for sportsmen to say what they want to say. Mark Healey is a sportsmen and he wanted to say things about his career as a professional big-wave surfer. It’s a great read — you can and should check it out here. It’d be much easier than trying to find them at a bar.