Mason Ho Is Your Rip Curl Pro Portugal Wildcard

Mason Ho, a loser's grin.Win or lose, Mason will be wearing that patented grin. Photo: Corey Wilson

The waiting period for the Rip Curl Pro Portugal is only days away, and as most surf fans will be delighted to hear, Mason Ho is confirmed to be one of the wildcards for this year’s event. This will be Mason’s fourth time on the WCT stage in his career, and the second time in 2015 – fulfilling what we were all hoping for at the news of his signing with the Curl earlier in the year.

Portugal can unpredictable event, and who better embodies unpredictability than Mr. Ho? So, if for some reason tuning into this event doesn’t already perk your interest, a solid showing from Mase and his erratic antics should. Will he win his heat? Do a massive chop-hop over another competitor? Ask Chelsea Cannell out on a date? Do all three in no particular order? The world is filled with only questions as we look forward to October 20th.