HALF MOON BAY, Calif., – Mavericks Surf Ventures announced today that the 2007 Mavericks Surf Contest presented by Ask.com waiting period officially closed on Saturday, March 31. Despite the three-month long window, Mother Nature did not provide Contest-worthy swell this season. Regretfully, the Contest will not take place in 2007 but will return again next winter with heightened anticipation.

"This season has been a testament to the fact that Mavericks is unpredictable and this Contest is in the hands of Mother Nature," said Contest Director Jeff Clark. "I am stoked that all of the guys were onboard this year and ready to travel to Half Moon Bay on 24 hours if I made the call. I commend their dedication."

When the right combination of storm and swell converge to produce waves of 30-40 feet in height, the Mavericks Surf Contest is given the greenlight by Jeff Clark, legendary big wave surfer and official Contest Director. Twenty four of the best big-wave surfers from around the world then have 24 hours to descend upon Half Moon Bay ready to compete in the frigid, harsh waters of Half Moon Bay, Calif.

The waiting period for the 2007 Mavericks Surf Contest began on January 1, 2007. The 24 invitees including: Matt Ambrose, Grant Twiggy Baker, Ion Banner, Ross Clarke-Jones, Kenny "Skindog" Collins, Randy Cone, Danilo Couto, Shane Desmond, Brock Little, Greg Long, Josh Loya, Garrett McNamara, Peter Mel, Shawn Rhodes, Ryan Seelbach, Evan Slater, Tyler Smith, Russell Smith, Jamie {{{Sterling}}}, Anthony Tashnick, Darryl "Flea" Virostko, Grant Washburn, John Whittle and Zach Wormhoudt, have been on hold since then.

"I think all the invitees agree that this has been a crazy winter season," said Randy Cone, 2007 Contest Invitee. "Things were looking hopeful in early December and then the swells stopped coming. I have been fortunate enough to stay busy shaping boards throughout this dry spell and I look forward to being invited back by Jeff next year."

MSV would like to acknowledge and thank the 2007 invitees for keeping their schedules open and being on a 24 hour call for the past three months. They also extend a thank you to the sponsors that shared in the anticipation and watched for a swell along with the surfers: presenting sponsor Ask.com, Clif Bar & Co., Hotline Wetsuits, Surfer Magazine, REACTOR Watches, Capture Technologies, Inc., Hard Rock International, Pinger Inc. and VerticalResponse, Inc. Finally, Mavericks Surf Ventures would like to express gratitude to the Half Moon Bay Community itself for their support and hospitality.

Stay tuned to maverickssurf.com or search for "Mavericks Surf Contest" on Ask.com for updates.

About Mavericks Surf Ventures
Mavericks Surf Ventures, LLC is a partnership between legendary surfer and board-shaper Jeff Clark and San Francisco-based sports management and marketing firm Evolve {{{Sports}}}, LLC. Mavericks Surf Ventures produces The Mavericks Surf Contest and offers apparel and a recently launched signature wetsuit under the Mavericks™ brand. Coined as “the wave beyond,” Mavericks inspires hardcore athletes to face the unpredictably raw power of Mother Nature, and stirs the souls of those who aspire to challenge their own limits.

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