Meet The Billabong XXL Ride Of The Year Nominees

For the past fifteen years, the Billabong XXL Awards have pooled together the most psychotic big-wave rides of the year - sifting through countless entries in search of a single gem which deserves the coveted title and the pretty payday of 50k. Submissions pour in across the globe from every big-name hellman to every Joey Barrles with a JetSki and a life vest (and, apparently, a skimboard). Now here are the best from this season, in 2015 Ride of the Year category:

Brad Domke is the first ever skimboarder to be nominated for the XXL Ride of the Year award - take that how you want to.

Shane Dorian paddled into this wave - with his arms. +50 points

Shane Dorian eats JetSkis for breakfast.

Dean Morrison on a wave that probably should have never been ridden. The ski whipped him in, but it was his gonads pulling the throttle.

Gabriel Villaran is a small, unassuming Peruvian. Here he is on a big, very assuming wave.