Mega, your champion. Photo: Lawrence

After a slow morning and a lot of Hindu prayers, Padang Padang started to fire.

The event had a no-loser structure, with every surfer getting two heats before any eliminations occurred. Rounds one and two had clear favorites in the form of Damien Hobgood and the people's choice, Clay Marzo.

Bruce had a 10 in Round two but was unable to back it up. Photo: Lawrence

The semis went bonkers. The lowest advancing heat score between the two heats was 16.75. In heat one, Damo did his thing. Staple surfing, 9.0 and 7.75. Mason also did his thing – non-staple surfing – 9.35 and 8.0. The final was already looking incredible.

Semifinal 2 had some curious judging. With Clay's layback double-barrels garnering 9's while Paulo Moura's and Mega Semadhi's standard straighthanders received 10s, it seemed like the judges were focused more on the waves than the surfing. Still, Clay's technical tuberiding is otherworldly, and luckily he advanced regardless. 2014 champion Mega Semadhi would join him in the final.

The final was slow. Clay, the people's choice, only got one wave of a 4. Damo and Mason caught a couple gems, but out of the four excellent rides in the 35-minute heat, Mega had two of them. This means that Mega Semadhi, Bingin local and Hindu priest, would become the back-to-back Padang Cup champion. Indonesia retains the illustrious title, and they will keep it with immense pride.

Mega’s 10 en route to victory. Photo: Lawrence

And while we're stoked for him, we can't help but lament the passing of this epic event.

Can it be 2017 yet?