Michel Bourez Wins The Reef Hawaiian Pro

All photos: Corey Wilson
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Looks like somebody’s got his eye on the crown. Michel Bourez dropped a 9.13 in his first heat at the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa, but then the Pacific started taking its name a bit too seriously. A week-long flat spell ensued, icing the fiery Spartan. That spell was shattered when competition finally resumed on Saturday. But could Michel build on that week-old momentum?

He could.

The contest wrapped up on Sunday in overhead bowls that were nothing but a good time. Michel met Freddy Patacchia, Jeremy Florez and Dion Atkinson in the final and he conquered like a bunch of chumps from Athens. Nonetheless, Dion Atkinson snagged a spot on the 2014 WCT. Freddy P. is the best bet for a Hawaiian winning the Triple Crown. And Jeremy Florez reportedly got a great hug from Sunny Garcia. Still, Michel is king for the day.

“Coming here, I felt great. I’ve been training for the past month, and just to come here solid, I feel like yeah, I deserve it,” Michel said after the event. And now his brown Tahitian eyes are staring the Triple Crown directly in the crest. —Brendan Buckley