Hey Mick; What’s That Stuff On Your Chest?

In the March 2006 issue of SURFING, we ran a photo of Mick Fanning at the O’Neill World Cup at Sunset Beach. It ran under the caption “Fanning and his bullseye”. Little did we know how many questions we would get in regards to the stuff that Mick had taped to his chest in that photo.

Here are a few samples of the letters we have received so far:

Dear Surfing,
What the hell is that stuff on Mick Fanning’s chest in the March 2006 issue?

Dear Surfing,
Did Mick Fanning get shot or something? It looks like he has some sort of gunshot wound in the Sunset Beach coverage.

Yo Surfing,
What’s that sh%* Mick has on his chest? Does it make him paddle faster or something?

Hi Guys,
Mick Fanning is my favorite surfer and I try to surf like him in every way possible. But what was with that bullseye taped to his chest? Was that some sort of secret training device or did he have open heart surgery or something?

These were just a few of the questions we received asking about Mick and his mystery tape. So we decided that we had to ask him; Hey Mick – what’s that stuff on your chest?

Mick responded:
“I had a small dislocation in my ribs, which hurt like hell. The tape is a special tape that helps activate the muscles around that area because due to the injury, my muscles would shut down around that area to protect the ribs.”

Thanks for the clarification Mick.