Mick Fanning Announces He Will Return To J-Bay

Mick Fanning

We chat to Mick Fanning about his year off, surfing in Alaska, joining the craft beer world & whether he will return to J-Bay #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Friday, May 20, 2016

Mick Fanning just announced that he is set to compete in the 2016 J-Bay Open. After last year’s horrific near-disastrous incident with a shark, Mick claims that he wants to “right the wrong” that was his last experience at the famed venue.

The dramatic scene during last year’s Final. Photo: Jimmicane

Mick says himself, “At the moment I’ve got it penciled in to compete, I’m going to Fiji at the start of next month then on to J-Bay. I’ve had so many amazing memories. It’s a place that I want to right the wrong.”

So if you needed any more reason to root for Mr. White Lightning, here you go. It takes a lot of strength, both mentally and physically, to achieve the feats that Mick has so graciously accomplished in his career. To make a comeback like this after an incident that would’ve absolutely destroyed most people takes a lot of heart. With Fannings hiatus during this year’s schedule, who knows if this could possibly be his final JBay appearance – but one thing that’s for sure is that we’ll be rooting for him. Go Mick.