Mick Fanning, Australia's greatest World Title prospect and the current Forster's ASP World Tour ratings leader, and Red Bull have worked together to create an innovative website – www.mickfanning.com – that viewers can now visit to track Mick's 2007 World Title campaign.

On mickfanning.com guests will be able to access a journal updated regularly by the 2007 Quiksilver Pro Champion offering comprehensive insights to each of the Forster's ASP World Tour events and the daily life of the fastest surfer on earth.

Says Mick: "Each year I've been on the tour I've maintained a diary to record my competitive highs and lows. This year I'm gunning harder for the World Title than ever before and with the help of Red Bull figured I'd share my journey with everyone out there on my new website."

As well as having access to Mick's diary entries viewers will also discover plenty of additional features. Contents includes…

• A World Tour VIP Access area where Mick previews up-coming events and lists major threats

• Fresh video clips and personal photos from Mick

• Detailed descriptions of Mick's training program and the equipment he uses.

• A special tracker that allows users to trace Mick's travels all year and see what part of the world he's currently visiting

And that's not all… mickfanning.com has plenty of other surprises too: Once you have logged, have a play with the “Mick-o-meter” and get to know the three different sides of Mick's character: Mick, Myself and Eugene.

"I want mickfanning.com to give people a behind the scenes look at my 2007 World Title campaign." States Mick. "My aim is for the site to be informative and fun for people to kick around on. I'll be providing updates on the site regularly this year so check it out and stay tuned for the latest."

Check it out – www.mickfanning.com