brent bielmannMikey Bruneau and Sean Riley. Photo: Brent Bielmann

On March 16th, 2011, family man, big wave surfer, and all around great person Sion Milosky drowned while surfing Maverick’s. His spirit will live on forever.

For proof, ask anybody who knew Sion. If you don’t have that luxury, then reference the Steep And Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge. The contest, now in its fifth year, rewards the surfer and photographer who line up to create a perfect Pipe shot. The wave has to be steep and the wave has to be deep — just the way Si liked it. North Shore lifeguard Mikey Bruneau and rookie photographer Sean Riley took the honors this year. Here’s the official statement from Suzi Milosky.

It was a hard one to narrow down with so many amazing images coming through and with such an amazing El Niño season we’ve have, but this one made it to the judges table and out on top with the most points…the image speaks for itself. Good job boys!

Big Mahalos to our sponsors Vans surf, Volcom, SURFING magazine and Live Like Sion and much gratitude to the judges who support the event every year: Gerry Lopez, Michael Ho, Peter Taras and Sean Briley.

The winning image gets featured in Surfing Magazine and each Mikey and Sean are $2,500.00 richer thanks to Vans. And it goes without saying these guys get bragging rights for winning the 5th Annual Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge! All for Si!!!

Mahalo and Aloha for all your support with perpetuating Si’s legacy out in the lineup and keeping the boys stoked out at Pipe with this amazing challenge. Till next year!

And, of course, here’s the winning image. Click to enlarge.

mikey breanua sean riley