Money To Burn

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Imagine the seated frustration of a bus driver. Your customers are sad and hostile and usually unstable, probably dangerous. They file onboard your smelly bus depressed over where they're going and subtly ashamed at how they have to get there. Homeless people start fights and fall sleep in the back. You are a bus driver.

You don't like Dusty Payne. With his wildly inverted, high-amplitude, full-rotation air reverse at Keramas on October 15, 2008, Dusty did the unthinkable. The footage of that wave made its way to the lofty corner offices of Kustom Footwear, where top minds in surfing and astrophysics conducted caffeine-fueled analysis for weeks without rest, arguing over the most minute details of each of the nominated airs. This was the Kustom AirStrike, the ongoing contest offering $50K for the single best aerial caught on film during the allotted period. After heated debate, Dusty was announced the winner of the AirStrike and the cash. Fifty thousand dollars, 25 percent more than the winner of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach will receive this week and — as a poor forgotten bus driver — over twice your annual salary (median $22.776 gross income). You, bus driver, steer a miniature mental institution; Dusty surfs a dreamy tropical ramp. You have to punch a clock but are given no health {{{insurance}}}; Dusty punts airs and has fifty grand. You want to bring this inequity to Dusty's attention, but you'll never meet him, because he doesn't ride the bus. He drives a sweet {{{Toyota}}} truck and a Jet Ski.

Congratulations Dusty! Sincerely, SURFING Magazine and the union representing city bus drivers in your area. To help out, we've included a list of things you might consider (but probably won't) to buy with your money:

* One year's tuition and fees at Harvard University ($37,{{{928}}}),
* A quiver of five Clay Marzo "The Madness" model SUPER Surfboards ($3200),
* {{{100}}} shares of Volcom Inc. ($1150),
* {{{Eight}}} pairs of Nike Dunks ($650),
* First class, one-way ticket from Kahalui, Maui to Baghdad, Iraq ($6487)
* A 73-year subscription to SURFING Magazine at current prices ($585)

Total: $50,000 USD Money to Burn Dusty Payne's $50K win in the Kustom AirStrike and what we suggest he buys

Check out all of the entries, including Payne's winning entry, on the official event website,

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