Monster Energy Pipeline Pro Presented By Billabong Day Three

Heats Held: The remainder of round 4
Conditions: A cold and rainy 2- to- 3 feet.
Nature's Call: "After the event, I'm going off for the local bruddahs!"
Predictions: Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Pipe is missing. The world's most dangerous, barreling left was last seen a week ago, but didn't show for the third day of the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro presented by Billabong. Actually, it was more like, the second and a half day of the three-star World Qualifying Series event because only four heats were completed. Despite Pipeline's absence from the 'QS contest, local boys like, Jamie O'Brien, still put up big scores from head high Backdoor waves.

"I surf here every day, regardless of what size it is, so I know the reefs, know where it’s shallow, know where to be," said O'Brien, who posted a 9.0 from a six-second tube.

"I definitely forced that wave. I made sure I stayed in there as long as possible, stuck my arm into the wave to slow down in the barrel and released it when I needed speed. It becomes a lot more about luck when it's this small, but you can still put yourself in the right position to make the right thing happen."

JOB knows exactly how to put himself in the right position and will be one of the favorites tomorrow, the last day of the holding period for the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro presented by Billabong. The top Tahitian and 13 Hawaiian surfers from the Pipe Pro will be guaranteed a spot at the Billabong Pipeline Masters in December. If a non-Hawaiian surfer wins the event, he will also garner a wildcard into the Pipe Masters.

The Pipe Pro competitors will battle for those wildcards in small waves. Hopefully, the Banzai won't be giving the surfers the cold shoulder again. Ironically, an incoming 6-foot plus, northwest swell is predicted to arrive on Thursday and, cross your finger, Pipeline will resurface then.