My Spot with Jesse Evans

Never heard of “My Spot?” Well you aren’t alone. When I found out I was heading to Huntington Beach to check it out, I though I might show up to a group horny , 45-year-old, lap-top toting men attempting to meet the girl they saw on a webcam video. Thank God I was wrong. My Spot has no connection with its apparent namesake, MySpace. My Spot is a brain child of {{{Fox}}} Boardriding Co. In it, Fox takes a rider from their team and pits him against the best surfer they invite, determined by a tournament at their team rider’s home break.

In Huntington Beach, Jesse Evans invited a slew of surfers from all over the world to try and beat him on his home court. Now, Jesse isn’t a contest surfer, he prefers the relaxing life of a editorial surfing, so this isn’t his strongest point. We’ve seen his massive aerials in the print work, but does he actually pull those off? Fox seemed to be itching to prove their 2005 acquired weapon’s worth at Golden West St.

Jesse only surfs in the final round of the competition, so all of the other surfers are there to battle it out for the single spot in the final. Eric Geiselman showed up 10 minutes before his heat, beaming with confidence. He let the other competitors get a head start and skipped the first 5 minutes of his heat. As the proverb says, “Pride goeth before the fall.” Eric took 3rd in his heat, knocked out by Australian Julian Wilson and Hawaiian, Macy Mullen. Wilson grabbed $250 for the Most Radical Move, with a booming aerial on the inside, landing fins-first, sideways. Already it wasn’t looking good for the locals.

Former WCT surfer, Jeff Deffenbauch took a double blow. 30 minutes before his heat, Jeff’s car was broken into (the idiots left his boards, taking some shades and CDs) only to be knocked out in the 3rd round by Mike Hoissington and Chris Waring.

In the next heat, Shawn Ward snatched first with a textbook aerial, followed closely by Jesse Merle Jones, with a solid hook. After the 3rd round, the contest took a break for Jesse Evan’s favorite lunch, TK Burger, and a 30 minute “Expression Session.” Chris Waring donned a speedo, complete with a flowery swim cap, and pink fishnet shirt. If that wasn’t expression enough, Waring pulled off a nice bunny-hop, credit-card air on the inside to win the longest expression session I’ve ever sat through. Then the HB wind really picked up and G Dub turned into a regular chop fest. After the 4th round, My Spot went into all out, WCT style, 1-on-1 finals.