Nat Young’s Section

Nat Young. Photo by Nate Lawrence.
Photo: Nate Lawrence

Nat Young stormed into round one of Innersection with his electro-driven part that's got people talking bout two things: his surfing and his music choice. We caught up with him to find out how he went about building the two-minute section.

By Matt Skenazy

SURFING Magazine: How did you hear about

Nat Young: Just from people taking about it saying, "are you gonna put a part together for that new Taylor Steele video?"

How did you approach making your clip?

When I got home from Australia about a month ago me and Ryan [Moss] decided to put something together, we pretty much started from scratch, but we realized it would be a good opportunity for both of us.

How much time did it take in the water, and then in the editing bay, to put the whole thing together?

We filmed pretty much everyday for probably two and a half weeks. After we collected footage he went home and edited. He spent hours editing.

Most of the footage looks like it's from Santa Cruz, was that intentional, or just out of convenience?

Yeah, we didn’t have time to go on trips and stuff, it was too last minute, luckily Nike let us use some footage from a couple trips earlier in the year.

There's a facebook group somewhere out there looking for support from your friends. Are you going for a real grassroots approach here?

Yeah, Ryan actually made that thing. [Laughs]

What else are you doing to try and get votes?

I'm giving everyone that votes for me $20. [laughs] Nah, I don't know just telling friends and stuff.

What do you think of the other sections?

The other sections are crazy. Matt Wilkinson does some messed up stuff in his section. Nate Tyler's is all around good, great clips and nice editing, Mikala Jones’s is pretty funny and puts me in a good mood after I watch it, and Mike Losness’s section is amazing — It's so different, I love the idea and the way its put together.

What kind of feedback have people given you so far on your part?

So far I have heard the song sucks — but I like techno, and I like the way techno fits with surfing. Also I have heard I need better quality waves and stuff like that, But I haven't been able to go on trips to all these exotic locations. And anyways, I honestly like watching people surf bad waves, because a lot of the time that's what we surf. Watching perfect Indo doesn't get me psyched to go surf what is in front of my house.

Did you pick the song?

My mom actually found the song on a website, and we thought it was different and cool so we used it.

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