Nathaniel Curran wins one…Round


Since winning the WQS last year, Nate Curran has performed poorly on the World Tour. And it's seen him wear some acidic criticism. Today, with J Bay showing an uncanny resemblance to his home break Rincon, Nate had to perform and he did.
By Jed Smith

SURFING Magazine: They told us you could surf, Nate.

(Laughter) Yeah, no, I know. I had a slow start. I had a couple of not so good heats. I've been copping a lot of heat for my surfing in beach breaks, but I surf point breaks at home – waves like Rincon, Midas and a couple of other sand spits. That was exactly like Rincon with no one out. I'd take off and be like, "Whoa! There is not one person in my way. I can go wherever I want."

Were you aware of the criticism?

Yeah, I read some stuff that really bummed me out. I opened up a local magazine at home [Ventura] and someone was writing me off. I was like, "alright it's game on, time to turn it on.' I got bummed but I used it to fire me up.

What’s have you found particularly difficult, Nasty?

It's my first year and I'm still trying to figure stuff out. I had a bit of a struggle with boards. I hadn't surfed a lot of the spots before. I hadn't really surfed Bells, I surfed Tahiti for the first time. I went early to surf [Chopes] before the contest but there was no swell. I'm not making excuses but confidence was down.

How did you avoid getting 'the fear, that point when every wave surfed is like a free throw for the championship or a second serve to stay in the match.

It was hard. First three comps, I was out in three first rounds. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you helps. I did a trip with my buddy to a secret spot an hour and a half from home. No photographers, no filmers. I took some new boards I wanted to try and just worked on getting my surfing confidence back. I had to remind myself that I could beat people. I just wanted to show people that I can actually surf.

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