We saw fights. We saw flips. We saw fog. And we saw one diminutive female shatter a long-standing NSSA record when Carissa Moore not only pulled yet another triple crown and her third Open Women's title in a row, she broke Bobby Martinez's seven-national title count with nine (and presumably many more to go.) Yes, this year's NSSA National Championships saw it all, and it came to a cymbal-clashing conclusion tonight at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Dana Point. We saw some tear-jerking triumphs, some heavy upsets and some obvious calls in tonight's results, but at least no one forgot to thank Janice and Gayline, God, their parents and their sponsors. And we mean no one. Among the noteworthy victory speech-givers, 12-year-old Kolohe Andino walked away with two titles and found a way to end both his shout-outs with, "Shoots." {{{Malibu}}}'s Dillon Perillo gave the West Coast another reason to cheer as he fended off yet another Hawaiian offensive in Open Juniors, Carissa Moore is well on her way to becoming the most accomplished NSSA surfer of all time and Hawaii's Kekoa Cazimero, a longshot for the Open Men's title, proved the favorites can be beaten. His polished backhand prevailed in the wave-starved final after Casey Brown - who had the field virtually comboed - got greedy and racked up a paddling interference. But as Cazimero said on the stage, "Casey is a champion. We're all champions."

1. Kekoa Cazimero
2. Dusty Payne
3. Kasey Brown
4. Granger Larsen
5. Clay Marzo
6. Tanner Gudauskas

Open Women
1. Carissa Moore
2. Malia Manuel
3. Sage Erickson
4. Coco Ho
5. Courtney Conlogue
6. Lani Hunter

Open Juniors
1. Dillon Perillo
2. Alex Smith
3. Thomas Clarke
4. Dege O'Connell
5. Granger Larsen
6. John John Florence

Open Boys
1. Conner Coffin
2. Ezekiel Lau
3. Kolohe Andino
4. David Bland5. Luke Davis
6. Keanu Asing

Open Longboard
1. Christian Wach
2. Justin Quintal
3. Troy Mothershead
4. Christian Clark
5. Kevin Osbourne
6. Chase Stavron

Open Mini Groms
1. Koa Smith
2. LahiKoila Minamishin
3. Taylor Clark
4. Kalani David
5. Luke Hitchcock
6. Kaoli Kahokula {{{Explorer}}} Womens
1. Paige Alms
2. Carissa Moore
3. Lani Hunter
4. Alana Blanchard
5. Bethany Hamilton
6. Sage Erickson

Explorer Menehune
1. Kolohe Andino
2. Evan Geiselman
3. Ezekiel Lau
4. David Brand
5. Luke Davis
6. Conner Coffin

Explorer Boys
1. Kolohe Andino
2. Kiron Jabour
3. Evan Geiselman
4. Dane Zaun
5. Ezekiel Lau
6. Kokoro Tomatsuri

Explorer Juniors
1. Granger Larsen
2. Dusty Payne
3. Eric Geiselman4. Tonino Benson
5. Blake Jones
6. Kekoa Cazimero

Explorer Mens
1. Dusty Payne
2. Chas chidester
3. Nathan Rex
4. Kai Barger
5. Torrey Meister
6. Casey Brown

1. Blake Jones

Explorer Girls
1. Carissa Moore
2. Coco Ho
3. Malia Manuel
4. Ashley Hunter
5. Erika Steiner
6. Kailee Krebbs

Explorer Longboard
1. Troy Mothershead
2. Christian Clark
3. Kevin Osbourne
4. Tony Silvagni
5. Scott Brandenburg
6. Justin Quintal

1. Micah Pitts

1. Mike Lamm

Super Seniors
1. Mike Lamm

Middle School Team
Shorecliffs Middle School

Middle School Boys
1. Kyle McGeary

Middle School Girls
1. Carissa Moore

High School Team
1. San Clemente
2. Ventura High School Women
1. Sage Erickson High School Men
1. Cory Arrambide
2. Taner Gudauskas
3. Brent Reilly College Team
1. Saddleback
College Men
1. Roger Eales College Womens
1. Lauren Sweeny

[Be sure to check SURFING's November issue to see it all play out in print.]