Need A New Suit?

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In the wintertime, your wetsuit is your best friend and you should treat it as such. Care for it. Invite it on trips with you. Respect its boundaries but if you’re feeling intimate, then shout YOLO and take it in the shower with you. Likewise, you should feel that deep sense of kinship radiating back from your wetsuit to you. You should feel like you can rely on your wetsuit. Like it’ll change its plans to be as flexible as possible in order to meet your demands. You should know it’s undying warmth on even the coldest, loneliest days. Yes, the bond between a surfer and a wetsuit is indeed special — even if you do piss all over it.

We built a tool to help you to choose your next best friend. In our 2013 wetsuit buyer’s guide, you’ll find all the info you need to pick your winter suit. We’ve got the specs, prices, temperature ranges and more on some of the finest rubber on the market. We’ve even got a feature that allows you to compare one model to the next and see what suits you best. So go on now and ramble through the 2013 wetsuit buyer’s guide. Your new pal awaits. —Brendan Buckley