Roll Out The Red Carpet

We've all seen the scenes on TV: actresses in scandalous dresses parading around the red carpet with tuxedo wearing directors attached to their arms. Film festivals can often seem an overly pretentious excuse to play dress up and sell yourself. But, if you combine that with the experience of a surf movie premiere (we've all been to one, hooting and heckling the screen, more of a riotous affair) you get the New York Surf Film Festival.

"The organizers are really trying to make it an equal balance for the surf industry and the art and film industry," says Film Festival Media Coordinator Hilary Craven.

The festival will screen films across all genres, including Documentary, Animation, Biography, Geographical Location, Humor, Travel Log, Creative, and Experimental.

"I'm looking for the most creative, innovative approach to each project and genre," says East Coast surf legend Mitch Varnes, a member of the screening panel set to judge the films.

In between screenings, the usual fanfare that accompanies a film festival will shine through: surf history lectures, meet and greets, Q&A sessions and panel discussions to name a few.

But with films like Between The Lines, Sliding Liberia, Out There, One Winter Story, Bustin' Down The Door, and Archy highlighting the Features program it seems as if documentaries are poised to steal the show.

"Documentary to me is always great because you get to see little stories told," Varnes says. "You're away from the epicenter of the surfing world and California, directors have no allegiance to the brands or to any particular film maker, and I think we're free to pick the films that we truly think are best without any obligations to any sponsors from the industry."

The Festival, which runs from September 26-28 at {{{Tribeca}}} Cinemas in lower Manhattan, is a Don’t Drop In Production, founded by Adam Cannizzaro, Tyler Breuer, Michael Machemer, and {{{Morgan}}} Rae Berk. Tribeca is an arthouse rental theater and happens to be the same place where Robert De Niro holds his annual film festival, a fact that is sure to pull some weight with many New Yorkers.

"New York City has so many millions of people," Varnes said, "I just think this thing could really have legs if it's handled properly and I think it will be. Anyway you can spread the stoke of surfing, particularly in New York City in the fall, is a good thing."

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