Nice to Meet You, Mr. Photographer

Who are SURFING’s photographers? Who are these artistic gypsies billing us for their bar tabs and plane tickets? It is time we get to know.

Flindt's Tahitian self-portrait

Flindt's Tahitian self-portrait

Name: Jeffrey Vincent Flindt , A.K.A. Flindtski (Shane Dorian), Flinnie (Some Australians), Flindter, Larry Flint
Age: 35
Hometown: Mission Viejo, Ca
Years shooting: Started shooting in 1992. First photo published in SURFING in '95 or '96. Went full time 1997.
Equipment: Canon EOS, Dale Kobetich makes my water housings.

Motto: "Treat others how you would like to be treated."

Where are you right now? Over the Pacific at 30,000 feet, UA81, Seat 21A, LAX-HNL

Where have you been over the last six months? Two times to Mainland Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Baja, Tahiti, Denmark, Germany, France, California and Hawaii in a couple of hours

What do you ride? Bodyboard, bodysurf, SUP. If the waves are flat I love to free dive; it's the best training for me

How often do you surf? Maybe once every six months. I prefer to shoot. I get more satisfaction swimming with my water housing and showing the world what it's like to be in the water

Favorite wave to surf: Teahupo’o when it's small

Favorite wave to shoot: Teahupo’o

Favorite surfers to shoot: Kelly Slater or Dane Reynolds

Favorite city: Laguna Beach, California

Perks of being a SURFING photographer: The ocean is my office, so I don’t have to punch a clock or work behind a desk

Other jobs held in the past: Work at a One Hour Photo lab from 1992-1997

Most scared you've ever been in the ocean: Shooting Teahupo’o and a 10- to 12-foot bomb came in and almost caught me. Jamie O’Brien was towed into it

How you deal with poachers: Karma will get them, but I think I’m going to start shooting pictures of the poachers on the beach and post it on my Facebook page and label them as POACHERS

The next Kelly Slater is: I don’t think anyone will match Kelly’s level. Ten titles in one career will be pretty hard to match. Right now I like Dane and Jordy

The next Steph Gilmore is: Maybe Carissa Moore

People you'd want to have with you on a desert island: My wife, Mark Healey and Shane Dorian

Person (alive or dead) you’d most want to have a beer with: Andy Irons - I wish he were still around

If you weren't a surf photographer, you’d be a: Waiter or bartender. Or maybe a yoga teacher