Who are SURFING’s photographers? Who are these artistic gypsies billing us for their bar tabs and plane tickets? It is time we get to know.


Flindt's Tahitian self-portrait
Flindt's Tahitian self-portrait


Name: Jeffrey Vincent Flindt , A.K.A. Flindtski (Shane Dorian), Flinnie (Some Australians), Flindter, Larry Flint
Age: 35
Hometown: Mission Viejo, Ca
Years shooting: Started shooting in 1992. First photo published in SURFING in ‘95 or ’96. Went full time 1997.
Equipment: Canon EOS, Dale Kobetich makes my water housings.


Motto: “Treat others how you would like to be treated.”

Where are you right now? Over the Pacific at 30,000 feet, UA81, Seat 21A, LAX-HNL

Where have you been over the last six months? Two times to Mainland Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Baja, Tahiti, Denmark, Germany, France, California and Hawaii in a couple of hours

What do you ride? Bodyboard, bodysurf, SUP. If the waves are flat I love to free dive; it’s the best training for me

How often do you surf? Maybe once every six months. I prefer to shoot. I get more satisfaction swimming with my water housing and showing the world what it’s like to be in the water

Favorite wave to surf: Teahupo’o when it’s small

Favorite wave to shoot: Teahupo’o

Favorite surfers to shoot: Kelly Slater or Dane Reynolds

Favorite city: Laguna Beach, California

Perks of being a SURFING photographer: The ocean is my office, so I don’t have to punch a clock or work behind a desk

Other jobs held in the past: Work at a One Hour Photo lab from 1992-1997

Most scared you’ve ever been in the ocean: Shooting Teahupo’o and a 10- to 12-foot bomb came in and almost caught me. Jamie O’Brien was towed into it

How you deal with poachers: Karma will get them, but I think I’m going to start shooting pictures of the poachers on the beach and post it on my Facebook page and label them as POACHERS

The next Kelly Slater is: I don’t think anyone will match Kelly’s level. Ten titles in one career will be pretty hard to match. Right now I like Dane and Jordy

The next Steph Gilmore is: Maybe Carissa Moore

People you’d want to have with you on a desert island: My wife, Mark Healey and Shane Dorian

Person (alive or dead) you’d most want to have a beer with: Andy Irons – I wish he were still around

If you weren’t a surf photographer, you’d be a: Waiter or bartender. Or maybe a yoga teacher

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