Nice to Meet You, Mr. Photographer

Who are SURFING’s photographers? Who are these artistic gypsies billing us for their bar tabs and plane tickets? It is time we get to know.

Jimmicane self-portrait

Motto: "If you can’t be happy for people when they do something good, how can you expect anyone to be happy for you?"

Name: Jimmy Wilson
Age: 25
Hometown: St. Augustine, FL (Nation's Oldest City)
Years shooting: 10
Equipment: A bunch of Canon shit, Matix Gusto Trunks/Inflatable Beer Bong, Jameson Whiskey
Motto: You only live once so live it up!

Where are you right now? In the office for once! It's where I finally answer my emails

Where have you been over the last six months? Panama, Vegas twice, Florida three times, Telo Islands, Philippines, Dominican Republic

What do you ride? A Mayhem Kolohe model, Chemistry, CI Dumpster, and got a Xanadu on the way

How often do you surf? When in Cali, almost every day there isn't football. On trips, depends on who has a board I can ride, but never been on a trip where I didn't surf at least once

Favorite wave to surf: Macaronis and Las Flores in El Salvador

Favorite surfers to shoot: Cory Lopez, Conner Coffin, Mitch Coleborn, CJ Hobgood, Clay Marzo, Dylan Graves, Gabe Kling, Chippa Wilson, Asher Nolan and really any of my friends

Favorite city: The Oldest

Won't return to: Antigua…well, at least not for surfing, but the strip club I must get back to someday

A lot of beers went into this turn. Photo: Ben Bourgeois

A lot of beers went into this turn. Photo: Ben Bourgeois

Biggest perks of being a SURFING photographer: Getting paid in lifestyle

Other jobs you've held: Painting houses, mowing lawns, dish washing, food runner, and the the Surf Station

Most scared you've ever been in the ocean: Clay Marzo's board slammed my head and the leash wrapped around my neck while getting caught inside on a big day in Indo. If another wave had been behind that one, I would no longer be here. Big waves are not my deal. I have heinous asthma and can hold my breath for all of 20 seconds

How you deal with poachers: On a case by case basis.

Biggest mission you've gone on just to score waves/photos: The worst would have to be with Blake Jones and Tommy O'brien on our way to the Mentawais. It took us three full days and we were stuck in China (a.k.a Hell on Earth), for one of our many stops. Never been so near an actual mental breakdown

Craziest thing you've seen a pro surfer do: Aron Gieger jump off the roof of a three story building into a bush for Knock It Off 2.

The next Kelly Slater is: Best chance would have to be Jack Robinson

The next Steph Gilmore is: Ha! Good luck girls!

Five people you'd want to have with you on a desert island: How ’bout me and those 5 girls I was just with on the Swimsuit Issue shoot?

What person (alive or dead) would you most want to have a beer with? Wayne Weaver in a luxury box as the Jags are winning the Super Bowl

If you weren't a surf photographer, you’d be: Enjoying the college life at Florida State finishing up law school, or on a boat in the Caribbean sailing