Nixon Art Mosh East Coast

Photos By Catherine Nieves

Nixon hosted their first east coast installation of the  "Nixon Art Mosh" this past Tuesday (September 22nd) at the X Initiative gallery in Chelsea, NYC.  The Nixon Art Mosh is a rotating art installation featuring original artwork, photography, film and sculpture from Nixon friends, family and athletes as well as local NYC area artists. This week's show featured live performances from The Mattson 2 and the Swiss one-man band, Urban Junior. Artists featured included:

Ellen Stagg, Grant Ellis, Craig Wetherby, Mike Carter, Patrick Trefz, Taylor Dunfee, Jody Morris, Marlena Detrich, Morgan, Rob Machado, Dustin Ortiz, Chivo, Keith Malloy, Mitch Abshere, PAPER, Aster Luu, Andrea Aimi, Dennis McNett, Alessandro Simonetti (ZUEK), Gracia Villamil

Friends, team riders and locals alike packed into the gallery space for a fun and entertaining evening of art, live music and more.

Previous Nixon Art Mosh stops have included; San Diego, Vancouver, Dublin, London and Minneapolis. Stay tuned for details about the next stop of the Nixon Art Mosh.

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