Nixon Movie Night: Nothing short of mayhem

The first Nixon Movie Night of the summer was held on June 2, it was nothing short of mayhem. Beers, burgers, hot dogs, ping pong tournament and a pie eating contest set the stage for the event.

The arrival of the series of movie nights brought everyone out of the woodwork including shops, neighbors and team riders along with the entire Nixon work force. Everyone was greeted to as much free beer as they could handle as "One Crazy Summer" played on the outside wall of Nixon Headquarters.

The pie eating contest was the highlight of the evening with the prize being a Nixon watch and a summer's worth of Nixon towel's. The winner declared his prize and Nixon team rider Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins made sure Marketing Director, Chad DiNenna got his fair share of pie.

Look out for the next Nixon Movie Night to take place mid-summer.

See you there.