North Shore Week In Reveiw

The girls are looking so good. The sun's got everyone glazed. It's bare feet, bikinis, trunks and teal water. And the sunsets don't suck. Driving in your rental car you've got a {{{100}}}% chance of hearing Kanye West and it's easy to see why. We're living the good life. Welcome to the North Shore. And while the waves haven't quite done their thing yet, there's still been plenty here to wet the palette. Whether it's rolling the dice over the infamous spikes of reef at Log Cabins or putting Lei's Lei's Mai Tai's to your lips –– things don't get much better than this. And we're here all winter to bring it to you live as it happens. This is the first of many updates from SURFING Magazine on the North Shore. Stay tuned all season for the latest behind the scenes action.

Here's a quick highlight reel for the week:

Barrel of the week goes to Hank Gaskell at Log Cabins. Best overall performance goes to Ola Eleogram who hit it and quit it, putting on a strong performance at Logs, and then shooting home to Maui to recharge. Party of the week goes to Bruce Irons who turned 28 at the Volcom house, leaving everyone on the island hung over and happy to see the wind onshore and the swell non-existent Saturday morning. And that was just this weekend.

Prior to that, local girl Megan Abubo won the Reef Hawaiin Pro in chunky 6-8 foot Haleiwa over Layne Beachley. The men are still stalled out in the middle of the round of 96 waiting for more swell and cleaner conditions. Heat of the week goes to Dusty Payne and Adam Melling's new school walk-off off at Haleiwa.

Dane Reynolds has been boogie boarding and listening to the band Ween. It's his new jam. "Been getting some runners on the boog. And Ween…sickest band ever," he says. Jordy Smith and the Gudauskas bros have been getting shacked in between MySpace lurks. The Aussies got in some footie at Sunset Elementary. John John's been riding his mini-motorcycle and skating a secret bowl. And the O'Neill girls' team entertained practically the entire coast with a trampoline raft in the lineup all day Saturday, bouncing and lounging in the waves.

And while everyone's still kind of spinning the wheels, that's just how we like it on the North Shore. That's what it's all about. It's one of the only places on earth that truly moves to the beat of the waves. Everything here happens on a different kind of clock. It's all surreal and seems to be pulled from the pages of a picture book. And we're about to get to the next chapter.

Looking ahead to next week things could get wild. All sorts of swell is scheduled to hit. There's turkey day and the Gudauskas' 22nd B-Day bash all on deck. Be alert and stay tuned to for updates as the week goes on. Buoy 1 is starting to stir.[Car Rentals provided by Advantage Rent A Car.

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