North Shore Week In Reveiw 12.4 to 12.10

Right about the time Makua Rothman was catching his winning 9.5 wave in maxed out Sunset, right when Tom Carroll, Garret McNamara, Michael Ho and John John Florence were scoring some Eddie-worthy Waimea sets, a mean storm was beginning to roll in over Hawaii. By the time Makua's victory party was raging at the Oakley house, 50 knots winds were bending palm trees like bows, breaking other trees in half and snapping power poles like toothpicks. The result was a power outage of epic proportions. Every store was closed. Every house blacked out. Roads closed. Phones out. The ocean torn to shreds. It was a mess.

Some guys bailed right away. "I'm not coming back until the power does," said Sunny Garcia, who headed straight for town.

Others stayed. "Screw it," said Danny Fuller, "we're camping."

Others got weird. "We had a techno party with our flashlights last night," said Dustin Barca. "Pretty strange."

Some actually seemed to enjoy it. "Can't fight it, mate," said Mick Fanning. "We grabbed a box of steaks and a carton of beer and made the best of it."

Jamie O'Brien, Josh Kerr and others dug out the Waimea rivermouth to surf the shreddy little standing wave it creates each year. Pipe guys like Sean Moody and Fred Patacchia went golfing. Sunset elementary school kids all got a few days of freedom.

Power lines across the roads blocked traffic to and from the North Shore after the storms for almost two days.

However you took it, there was no way around it (and no shopping, and no ATMs, and no surfing). It was more than two full days before power was restored in many places on the North Shore, with houses from Rockpiles to {{{Rocky}}} Point being among the very last fixed -- way to make us surfers feel special. It wouldn't have been so bad if there had been some surf to keep us occupied, but unfortunately, the wind took that out, too. More Mai Tais and stale pretzels, anyone?