Now Seeking Simple Ideas to Make Surfing Better

A surfboard insurance company.

A mobile World Tour event on charter boats in the Mentawais.

Face tattoos to help tell the Hobgoods apart.

A new law making in-the-tube camera footage illegal (we get it, it’s a barrel, and they all pretty much look the same).

What’s your one Simple idea to make surfing better in 2011?

Leave it in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or tweet it @surfingmagazine. We’ll read them all and pick our favorite simple idea this Friday night. If it’s yours, we’ve got these Simple Tuba II shoes in herringbone for your brilliant feet — because herringbone just screams brilliance.

Simple will throw out an extra pair of kicks to a randomly picked idea too, just to sweeten the deal. They’re putting out steezy product these days, a departure from what we’ve come to expect out of companies with a hyperactive conscience. It helps that Simple just signed Tyler “Pickle” Warren of Dana Point to their ambassador team to collaborate on art and product design. Tyler came into our office to hang out a bit during the making of this year’s Surfboard Issue and educate us on esoteric board design. He’s got clean style and a quiver that’s everything but the kitchen sink. A fascinating guy.

Tyler Warren with a few odd planks for the playing with. Photo: Peter Taras

Tyler on a black and white racetrack in San Diego. Photo: Peter Taras

Now get creative, get smart, and let the ideas flow. Keep them short and amazing. We know you will.

(And you can find Simple Shoes on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for more of the simple life.)