National Surf League School Cup Update

After an action packed weekend in San Clemente, San Clemente and Carlsbad will go head to head for the National Surf League's High School Cup this Saturday at the Huntington Beach Pier. With 2 convincing wins last weekend over some of the best high school surf teams in the nation, San Clemente High School advances to the finals only to meet a poised Carlsbad underdog. Carlsbad, the number 2 seed in the San Diego division, surfed brilliantly against the powerhouse San Dieguito unit and convince the public that they are a force to be reckoned with. Saturday's showdown will be highlighted with 2 of the brightest surf stars in the Nation. Brent Riley will head up the Carlsbad team while Tanner Gudauskas will lead the San Clemente into one of the most historic amateur surf events ever.

In the 2-4 foot pounding San Clemente Beach Break, San Clemente used their home break advantage to beat out a spirited Newport Harbor in Last Fridays Game. Although Newport came out of the Gates with a respectable 14.5 first quarter, Jeff Lukasik led the San Clemente Tritons to a stronger 18 point first quarter. Newport jousted back with a bigger and better quarter than their first, putting an additional 16 points on the board. But then, San Clemente phenom Tanner Gudauskas showed why he has been touted the sports next logical star, by posting one of the highest scores of the day putting his San Clemente team in to a 4th gear run toward the semi finals.

As Saturday morning dawned and the swell had picked up another foot, San Dieguito met their north county nemesis. Coming off a big win against the Point Loma Pointers, San Dieguito felt good going up against a Carlsbad team that had surpassed Torrey Pines in early May. However, San Dieguito must have forgotten about rising talent Brent Riley that had missed the Torrey Pines Game. Brent, who was attending the ISA World Games in Brazil in May, was back on Saturday with something to prove. Riley came through with a monster barrel in the 2nd quarter where he was completely shacked and doggy – doored it to graced a 7.0 on the board. This wave rallied the team to make their move in the second half where Carlsbad proceeded to put the number 1 seed to the sidelines and move one step closer to the Cup.

On Sunday, the arch rivals San Clemente and Huntington Beach High School met in an appropriate match up for the Orange County Divisional Finals. The 2 best teams in the countries scholastic competitive surf history squared on in what ended up being one of the fiercest high school games to date. With Huntington Beach having the best record in NSSA history and San Clemente dominating the past half decade, Sunday's Game was a showdown powerhouses between 2 of the most important surf communities in the world. It was Huntington that was relegated to surf first. With the marquee surfers from HBHS posting average scores and ineffective use of time outs, the team came in with a mere 13.5 points in the top of the 1st quarter, San Clemente took the opportunity to blow up with Eric Owens posting a 4.5 with a barrel and bettering his score with a 5.5, the team took a 2 point lead going into the 2nd quarter. In the top of the 2nd, Huntington showed poise with great sub calls and impressive surfing by the likes of famous shaper son Quinn Mcrystal. However, it was Tanner Gudauskas and Chase Brady who made his mark by performing on an entirely different level. Chase, who would end up winning the Most Radical Maneuver of the day, ripped the overhead San Clemente beach break to shreds. In the second half HBHS suffered a drought of surf while San Clemente used their home break advantage to overtake the winingest team in competitive high school surfing.

Come Saturday morning June 10th, there will be 2 teams fighting for the 1st ever National Surf League's High School Cup. With it all on the line, Brent Riley and Tanner Gudauskus will be attempting to lead their teams to the Cup. With some of the best coaches on both teams and 2 incredibly deep rosters, the Game will be decided by the team that knows the Game the best.

Red Bull and the NSL would like to invite you out to watch as the NSL High School Cup ratchets up to the business end of the season. Bring your friends, family and face – paint too!

The NSL's High School Cup is the first step in bringing an entirely view to the sport of surfing through community and a structure people are used to. With Coaches, Time Outs and 4 quarters, the Game format aims at lowering the bar of understanding the sport.

The National Surf League is a revolutionary professional surfing league dedicated to the pursuit of surfing excellence, generating consumer awareness for the sport of surfing while creating a unique format for all types of competitive surfers.

The NSL would like to thank Red Bull, Hurley, Reef, Electric and Carve Board for their ongoing support.

For more information go to or contact: Jeff Cutler / 310 {{{940}}} 5923.

Schools (as seeded for the event):


1. San Clemente High School

2. Huntington Beach High School

3. Edison High School

4. Newport harbor High School


1. San Dieguito Academy

2. Carlsbad High School

3. Torrey Pines High School

4. Point Loma High School

NSL's High School Cup Dates:

Week 1) Huntington High vs. Edison (Huntington W – Edison L)

Friday 4/21 at HB Pier

Week 2) Carlsbad vs. Torrey Pines (Carlsbad W – Torrey Pines L)

* Friday 5/5 at Ponto

Week 3) San Dieguito vs. Point Loma

* Friday 5/12 at Seaside Reef (San Dieguito W – Point Loma L)

Week 4) San Clemente vs. Newport Harbor (San Clemente W – NHH L)

* Friday 6/2 at San Clemente Pier

Week 4)

Saturday and Sunday June 3 and 4 at North side San Clemente Pier

* San Diego Semi Finals 1 Sat June 3, 9am (Carlsbad W – San Dieguito L)

* Orange County Semi Finals 2 Sunday June 4, 9am (San Clemente W – HBHS L)

Week 5) Championships Huntington Beach Pier June 10th

* Saturday 8am Saturday June 10 – before {{{Celebrity}}} Surf Jam

* Carlsbad High School vs. San Clemente High School