2006 NSSA Southwest Explorer Event #7 Wrap-Up

NSSA Southwest {{{Explorer}}} Season Event #7 held at San Fernando St. in Mission Beach Jan. 28-29

Saturday morning had some amazing surf. The waves were about shoulder high and the slight offshore wind gave them great shape. As the tide dropped the waves seemed to get better throughout the day. With the sun shining all day and no wind it was a pretty sweet day to be at the beach in January. Sunday continued with good surf and nice weather. The boys to watch this day were the standard rippers as usual: Kalohe "Brother" Andino, Luke Davis, and Andrew Doheny. Luke and Kalohe made the Menehune division final and battled until the very end, but only one could take it. Kalohe took the win. Kalohe was going for a second division but was stopped short by Andrew Doheny. Kalohe scored a perfect 10 by doing a sick combo of maneuvers and finishing off with a nice size air, Andrew followed right behind him on the next wave of the set with a 9.5 and had a couple 8's to back that. Everyone at the event had a great weekend and scored some fun waves both in their heats and free surfing.