2006 NSSA Southwest Open Event #7 Wrap-Up

NSSA Southwest Open Event # 7Held at Oceanside South Jetty February 4-5, 2006

Oceanside was beautiful on Saturday! The waves were a fun 2-3 foot and epic conditions all day long. The opposite side of the jetty was going off and so were the free surfers.

Trevor Saunders was the talk of the contest all weekend. In his first heat, Trevor dropped a perfect 10 point ride with a couple big, smooth turns, and finished off with a powerful reverse. In a later heat, Trevor scored another perfect 10. The high scores and heat totals had Trevor's name all over them (not only did he have two 10's but he also had the next two highest waves scores).

Sunday the waves got a little bigger and stayed clean again all day. The airshow went off on Sunday too! Groms were boosting all over the playful little air sections. Dillon Perillo busted a nice frontside air reverse and was holding down the lead for a while until Cory Arrambidie stuck one just a little bigger. Cory walked away with about ${{{200}}}.00 and a cool airplane trophy to add to his vast collection. Cory also ended up winning the Open Men's final.

After the contest was over, a few of the kids helped Janice and Gayline and their crew clean up the beach. It was great to see the young ones lend a helping hand and take care of their beach. It seems like the NSSA has been having amazing luck with waves for their events and I can't wait for the next one! Hope to see you down there.