2006 NSSA Explorer Event #8 at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad Wrap-Up

NSSA {{{Explorer}}} #8 Held February 18-19 at Ponto in Carlsbad

Despite the rainy and wind-blown conditions on Saturday, Andrew Doheny showed everyone who was watching why he is one of the best. Andrew dropped a perfect 10 with two huge turns blowing out the fins on a wedging right-hander. Although Andrew was ripping, it was Luke Davis who stole the show in the finals. Luke won the Menehune division and made his first Boy's final ever, which he took first place in as well. The beach was a bit empty most of the day because it was so cold. Most of the kids were hanging out in the motor homes that their parents drove down. Even though there wasn't much swell for the event, it turned out to be a really fun weekend.