Surf: 4- to 5-feet, pretty darn fun.Rounds Held: {{{Explorer}}} Mens Round One, Explorer Boys Round One, Explorer Juniors Round One.Nature's Call: Great waves, great weather, but where in the heck did I put my full suit? Predicted: "There's going to be some good East Coast showings. Usually it's the West and Hawaii, but mark my words, the East Coast has some kids."–Janice Aragon, Executive Director of the NSSA before the Explorer Mens. Feel free to E-mail her for predictions on this week's lotto numbers.

Heat of the Day:

The longest day of summer just got that much longer. With consistent surf, clear skies, and a hard sun overhead, the contest felt more like a long distance marathon. While the suspense of it being the first day of Nationals alone made all of the heats nail biting–or clipping (depending on your hygiene preferences)–the heat of the day that got everyone from Lowers to Cottons yapping was the first heat of the Explorer Juniors; Eric Geiselman's perfect heat with his back to back 10s. "When I heard that I got that first ten I was like, 'sick' but then when that second one came I was freakin' out," Geiselman said after his heat.Geiselman was the only one to receive a 10 for the entire day until Tanner Gudauskas picked off a perfect ride for himself in one of the last heats, reminding spectators of his "Gudauskas" lineage and foreshadowing some intense competition in the days to come.The opening rounds for the Explorer Boys was not without its standouts either. Young Andrew Doheny, from Newport Beach, California, surfed with a style that was well beyond his years, nearly doubling the points of Nick Suhadolnik, a SoCal local, whose impressive skill secured him a second place in the same heat. Performer of the Day:

After Eric Geiselman, from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, scored the first 10 of the day with a solid backside blitz, people cheered and hollered. After he scored the second 10 the day on the very next wave, people went crazy. But Eric wasn't done. He needed to bow-out to the crowd before his heat ended. Pulling a huge 180 air, Eric earned himself a 9.5…which was discarded as his worst score. "He's my hero now. That was the heaviest heat I've ever seen," commented an awestruck grom after Eric's heat.Stepping from the water, Eric was immediately rushed by family, friends and neophyte fans all wanting to get a closer look at NSSA history. "Don't quote me on this," Janice Aragon quoted, "But I think there's only been two perfect heats ever in the NSSA, Kalani Robb and Eric Diaz." To top off the elation Eric was feeling, Billabong (who promised to award $20 cash for every score over a 9.0) slapped sixty bucks into Eric's paws for those three high-scoring waves. After the days end, Eric was last sighted purchasing a fake ID and hitching his way to Vegas to spend his winnings.

It's kinda like when you stub your toe, totally unexpected:Suffering through one of the only flat spells of the day in heat five of the Explorer Juniors, Clay Marzo, Maui prodigy, faced an early elimination.

Caution:Caution to people on the East Coast: due to an unusually strong representation this year–with the likes of Shane Hogan, Thomas Bursian, Blake Jones, Travis Beckmann and Matt Sabatino (just to name a few Explorer Juniors who advanced to the next rounds)–experts have concluded there's something in the tap water. Drink at your own risk.

Kodak Quotes:"Perfect heat. I'm proud of you. I wish your mom woulda gave me a kiss too though." -one of Geiselman's homeboys."My favorite security are groms. You get about six or seven groms on somebody it's worse than one big guy." -Announcer Rockin Fig (Mike {{{Morgan}}} RIP)"It's like the Knott's Berry Farm Log Ride: you come out of the water and you get your photo"— Admirer of SURFING's beachside darkroom.