Pushing 10s as the comp heats upSurf: 4- to 5-feet and glassy-almost enough to make a grown man cry.Rounds Held: {{{Explorer}}} Quarter Finals, Explorer Junior Round 2, Explorer Menehune, Explorer Men Quarter Finals, Explorer Boys Round 2, Explorer Junior Quarter Finals, Explorer Girls Semi-Finals, Explorer Mens Semi-Finals.Nature’s Call: Great News! Last week’s sance when the directors of the NSSA sacrificed a cellular phone, a bodyboard, and a live newt, was a success: the waves and weather have remained classic…water’s still a bit nippy though. Maybe they should try burning another bodyboard. Predicted: Come tomorrow’s Explorer Junior Semi-Finals, high blood-pressure levels await. Lay off some of the bacon in the morning and you should be fine.

Heat of the Day: It’s a tough call. While the fourth heat of the Explorer Mens Quarter-Finals had one of the day's toughest competition line-ups–with Dusty Payne, Chris Waring, Casey Brown, Ryland McCart, Zack Arreda, and Jeremy Johnston all scratching for a way to make their heat–the second Heat of the Explorer Juniors Quarter-Finals had some of the day's best waves. The highest scoring heat of the contest so far, the second heat of the Explorer Juniors Quarter-Finals was unpredictable up until the last few minutes. The competitors–Eric Geiselman, Thomas Bursian, Cory Arrambide, Mason Ho, Marty Weinstein, and Chris Waring–traded off waves, cut-for-cut and air-for-air, with an impressive display of skill and style. With only a minute and a half remaining, Geiselman trailed the heat in fifth place when a thumping set rolled through from the outside. Spliting the peak with Cory Arrambide going left, looked like mirror images as they both ripped the wave with the same front-side combo. Scoring an 8.25 on his ride over Cory's 7.0, Geiselman looked as though he might win it until Mason Ho dropped in on a wave behind him, raced up to the lip, pulled a huge floater around the section, and then capped off his run with a few incredibly stylized turns. That was it, a 9.5. With Ho suddenly in first and Geiselman in second, Chris Waring, who was sitting pretty for most of the heat, was pushed into fourth. Upsets: Orange County's Chris Waring was surfing strong for the entire day, but was pushed out in heat two of the Explorer Juniors Quarter-Finals, when Eric Geiselman, Mason Ho, and Cory Arrambide managed to pluck the better waves off a godsend set that rolled through near the heat's end.

Performer of the Day: Maui's Dusty Pane scored the only 10 of the day in the fourth heat of the Explorer Mens Quarter-Finals. Needing a 6 to win his heat, and with only several minutes remaining, Dusty came through with a perfect score–a feat which didn't surprise too many people. "That's not too much of a surprise," commented one spectator after hearing the score, "He's been ripping it all day."

Other standouts included Casey Brown who, despite his injured foot, put on a solid performance up until he lost in the Semi-Finals of the Explorer Mens.

Caution Ladies: Already carrying two first place heat wins under belt, Carissa Moore doesn't look as if she's ready to give up any of her three titles just yet.

Kodak Quotes:

"It’s not a burn. It’ll turn into a tan." -said the man who looked like a lobster.

"That was a heavy heat. It was like a final." -Casey Brown after the Quarter-Finals of the Explorer Mens.

"Wax on, wax off." -Come on, you know people were thinking it when they heard the Karate Kid was at the Oakley booth.

First PlacersExplorer Mens:

Round 1
Heat 1: Nick Rozsa
Heat 2: Dusty Payne
Heat 3: Torrey Meister
Heat 4: Brady McKenzie
Heat 5: Kekoa Cazimero
Heat 6: Jesse Heilman
Heat 7: Jeremy Johnston
Heat 8: David Pena

Quarter 1: Nick Rozsa
Quarter 2: Eric Geiselman
Quarter 3: Jesse Heilman
Quarter 4: Dusty Payne

Semi 1: Dusty Payne
Semi 2: Jeremy Johnston

Explorer Juniors:

Round 2
Heat 1: Tonino Benson
Heat 2: Andrew Benett
Heat 3: Casey Brown
Heat 4: Cory Arrambide
Heat 5: Blake Jones
Heat 6: Nick Rozsa
Heat 7: Tanner Gudauskas
Heat 8: Ben Graeff

Quarter Finals
Quarter 1: Torey Meister
Quarter 2: Eric Geiselman
Quarter 3: Casey Brown
Quarter 4: Andrew Bennett

Explorer Boys:

Round 2
Heat 1: Granger Larson
Heat 2: Alex Smith
Heat 3: Bear Bailey
Heat 4: Dillon Perillo
Heat 5: Brad Hagglund
Heat 6: Levi Gonzales

Explorer Menehune

Round 1
Heat 1: Ezekiel Lau
Heat 2: Andrew Doheny
Heat 3: Luke Davis
Heat 4: Kolohe Andino
Heat 5: Evan Geiselman
Heat 6: Tanner Hendrickson

Explorer Girls

Quarter Finals
Quarter 1: Carissa Moore
Quarter 2: Monyca Byrne-Wickey
Quarter 3: Any Nicholl
Quarter 4: Sage Erickson

Semi 1: Carissa Moore
Semi 2: Coco Ho