Tension rises as waves drop

Surf: 3- to 4-feet and schizo.Rounds: {{{Explorer}}} Menehune Quarter Finals, Explorer Juniors Semi-Finals, Explorer Boys Quarter Finals, Explorer Menehune Repercharge, Explorer Boys Repercharge. Open Mens, Open Womans, Open Mini Grom, Open Woman's Quarter Finals.

Nature's Call: Odd mood swings; since when does it get blown-out in the morning and glassy mid-day?

Prediction: Look to the skies. My fortune cookie predicted that Governor Schwarzenegger will attempt to float in on a hot-air balloon, but get blown off course by the morning winds.

Heat of the Day: The morning started off with tension. The action in Heat 1 of the Explorer Juniors Semi-Finals was by far the most suspenseful, with only a few meager waves coming in for the entire heat. By the time the five-minute bell rang, Tanner Gudauskas was tied with with Torey Meister for third place. When a tiny wave came through, a paddle battle ensued between the two competitors as they hustled to make it to the Final. Emerging from a flurry of splashing and foam, Tanner Gudauskas was the one to emerge from the frenzy and advance."It was gnarly," Tanner said. "I knew that Torey needed a two and that wave was definitely more than a two. There were no waves out there the whole heat so it was dog-eat-dog style. I'm just stoked I made it out of there alive."

Tough Break: In the second heat of the Explorer Juniors Semi-Finals Tonino Benson was looking for a wave as time was winding down. A ripple out-the-back caught Tonino's eye, he paddled into position for it, took off and got a 7–enough to bring him into first, had it not been for the fact that he accidentally dropped in on Nick Rozsa, who was in the lead. With less than two minutes to go, the interference call brought Tonino into fifth place, causing him to lose his heat and not advance to the Finals.

Performer of the Day: From day one of the Explorer's up on through today's Open competition, Carissa Moore has taken first place in every single one of her heats. She hasn't been just squeaking by with these first places either as a majority of her wins have been by an impressive 5-8 point spread. "I was just having a lot of fun out there," commented Carissa after winning another heat–this time the Open Womens Quarter Final.Add to this the fact that the overall performance the girls competing in Open had people on the beach double checking the line up with binoculars to make sure they weren't really boys in disguise makes Carissa's display all the more impressive.

Ten: Running into the Surfing Mag Darkroom after his heat, Kolohe Andino was still dripping wet when he came to check out if we had pictures of his 10 point ride. Kolohe: "I was super-stoked. It was my first time getting a ten at nationals and so I tried to get another out there." Running into the photo ten right after his heat ended, pumped on adrenaline and perhaps the secrete substances of energy drinks.

A Public Service announcement from the state of California:Caution, Mini-groms are on the loose. Although they may look like grown men shredding in the water if you are watching them from shore, do not be fooled by their gromish antics and please refrain from feeding them any more gummi bears.

Kodak Quotes:

"It's hard to keep a ten year old focused, but they still manage to have fun despite us parents." –Joe Elias, Kaikea's father.

"I don't know how I'd feel about Arnold coming by. I mean he did travel back in time as the Terminator and try to kill a pregnant woman."

"Yeah, but he also saved the world by killing an alien from outer space."

"Oh yeah, good point." –Spectator conversation on the beach.

Win Stuff:On top of Body Glove's $20 give away for 9s or above, this Friday and Saturday {{{Freestyle}}} Shark will throw in a new Freestyle watch to go with it.

First Placers

Explorer Menehuene Quarter Finals
Quarter 1: Ezekiel Lau
Quarter 2: John John Florence
Quarter 3: Andrew Doheny
Repercharge: Luke DavisExplorer Juniors Semi-Finals
Semi 1: Dusty Pane
Semi 2: Torrey MeisterExplorer Boys Quarter Finals
Quarter 1: Granger Larson
Quarter 2: Hizon Lin-Kee
Quarter 3: Evan Gieselman
Repercharge: Alex SmithOpen Mens Round 1
Heat 1: Tonino Benson
Heat 2: Dusty Payne
Heat 3: Marty Weinstein
Heat 4: Zack Arreola
Heat 5: Allan Kincade
Heat 6: Chas Chidester
Heat 7: Kyle Ramey
Heat 8: Brady McKenzie
Heat 9: Ryland McCart
Heat 10: Torrey Meister
Heat 11: Ricky Whitlock
Heat 12: Casey Brown
Heat 13: Eric Geiselman
Heat 14: Mason HoOpen Womens Round 1
Heat 1: Carissa Moore
Heat 2: Coutney Conlogue
Heat 3: Bethany Hamilton
Heat 4: Sage Erickson
Heat 5: Coco HoOpen Mini Groms Quarter Finals
Heat 1: Nathan Florence
Heat 2: Kolohe Andino
Heat 3: Koa Smith
Heat 4: Kaikea EliasOpen Womans Quarter Finals
Heat 1: Carissa Moore
Heat 2: Malia Manuel
Heat 3: Alana Blanchard