Surf: 40-W oil glass, shoulder-high, wedging starbursts for the College heats and half the {{{Explorer}}} finals that morning, with the swell dropping steadily as the day wore on. Contestable throughout and surprisingly, First Peak's the only game in town.

Events Held: All the finals: College, Explorer, Open, Air.

Nature's Call: You see that spot on your lip? Get it checked. It's easy to forget that in Florida, summer starts in February.

Predicted: The next surfing-oriented reality television show, "{{{Dynasty}}}: My Family Rips All Over Yours" starring the Gudauskas and Geiselmans.

"It's because he slides through heats," explained St. Augustine photographer {{{Jimmy}}} Wilson of Eric Geiselman's nickname. Coming off a win at the Jack's Lost Pro Junior in California two weeks prior, the 18-year-old screamed his NSSA East Coast Champs swan song in the way of winning three divisions: NSSA Airshow, Explorer Juniors and Open Men's—the only surfer to do so other than Brian Toth in 2003—even winning the Explorer Juniors with an interference against him. How's that for slippery?

Looking like a scrappy action figure in the accentuated Inlet wedges, Jacksonville's Tristan Thompson took Open Mini Groms while fellow North Florida standout and defending NSSA National and East Coast Explorer Longboard champ Justin Quintal was victorious once again in Open Longboard. Meanwhile, Quintal's hometown mentor, Jason Motes, kept him humble by taking him down in Explorer Longboard. But Motes couldn't match Jean La Certe's powerful forehand hacks in the Explorer Masters final. Along with Melbourne Beach's Kris Wiernicki in Open Juniors, Cocoa Beach wahine Christa Alves kept the local hopes alive by convincingly dominating both Explorer Women's and Open Women's. And speaking of dominant, Quincy Davis was untouchable in Explorer Girls. Meanwhile, sole Tarheel winner, Fisher Heverly,and Puerto Rico's only victor, Wesley Toth, survived closer calls with the upper echelon NSSA shredders to grab their respective firsts in Explorer Boys and Explorer Men's.

But as far as looking for your next big East Coast hope. You can stop looking. Eric's it. The perfect model for the 21st {{{Century}}} surfing athlete: Polished, powerful, graceful, radical, skatey, fast. Connected with the ocean. {{{Smart}}} in heats. Badass quiver. Dad's a ripper. Mom's a ripper. Heck, the family dog probably nails floaters better than the rest of us. In fact, the only thing scarier than Eric Geiselman is his little brother Evan—who was peerless in two divisions himself this year, Explorer Menehune and Open Boys, bringing him to a total seven NSSA East Coast titles—a wax shaving away from shattering Eric Taylor's record. And the kid's not even 13 yet.

Performer Of The Day:While Geiselgrease slid away with the hat trick, Jesse Heilman was nipping right at his heels in the Open Men's and Airshow finals, and perhaps more importantly, didn't hold back on a single ride during the entire four-day event. The {{{Daytona}}} surfer has one of the most attractive styles you've ever seen. Low, powerful, sprightly. In the Airshow final, Heilman played the high tide instead of letting it play him, sweeping a beautiful cutback to set him up for whatever excuse for a ramp the wave might offer. Spinning his trademark no-handed, glue-footed air-reverse, he rode off on the sand. It wasn't enough to top Geiselman's double-grab, but Heilman just looked so cool doing it, looked so cool surfing all week. Put it this way, if you would have filmed just 20% of Jesse's rides, you'd still have one hell of a video part.

Heat Of The Day:Depends on how you look at it, waves or action. Most anyone would've paid money to be in one of those college finals—wedging First Peak with five other guys, c'mon! But as far as just being shredtacular, the 30-minute Open Men's final made all the sunburn and sore butts well worth it—a seemingly constant stream of exchanges complete with several successful punts and radical precision surfing from all the finalists. After having already wrapped up the victory, just to dig the knife a little deeper, Geiselman sped through a flawless frontside three. "That was it, the total seal-a-meal," said former competitive prodigy/ comeback coach Josh Wilson, who was shaking his head in bewilderment along with the rest of the spectators.

Shockers:In all of his 25+ years of surfing contests, this was the first time Brevard shaping legend Ricky Carroll ever won a shortboard division. And he won two of them this weekend, Explorer Seniors and Explorer Super Seniors, on a twin-fin.


OPEN MENS1. Eric Geiselman2. Jesse Heilman3. Kris Wiernicki4. Ben Graeff5. Jensen Callaway6. Wesley Toth

OPEN WOMENS1. Christa Alves2. Lauren McLean3. Lindsey Bowman4. Amy Nicholl5. Ashley Francis6. Niki Spadaro

OPEN JUNIORS1. Kris Wiernicki2. Eric Templeton3. Jon Leaf4. Graham Wade5. Fisher Heverly6. Liam Michelbrink

OPEN BOYS1. Evan Geiselman2. Michael Ciaramella3. Tanner Strohmenger4. Christian Miller5. Nathan Colburn6. Tyler Thornsley

OPEN {{{MINI}}} GROMS1. Tristan Thompson2. Corey Howell3. Cam Richards4. Noah Schweizer5. Logan Hayes6. Justin Croteau

OPEN LONGBOARD1. Justin Quintal2. Tony Silvagni3. Joe Pulido4. Dylan Andrews5. Nick Gregory6. JT Roberts

NSSA AIRSHOW1. Eric Geiselman, $2002. Jesse Heilman, $1003. Blake Jones, ${{{80}}}

EXPLORER MENS1. Wesley Toth2. Michael Powell3. Eric Geiselman4. Travis Beckmann5. Jesse Heilman6. Cody Thompson

EXPLORER JUNIORS1. Eric Geiselman2. Blake Jones3. Wesley Toth4. Kris Wiernicki5. Cody Thompson6. Zack Humphreys

EXPLORER BOYS1. Fisher Heverly2. Tayler Brothers3. Cole Richards4. Ian Bloch5. Evan Geiselman6. Tommy Orsini

EXPLORER MENEHUNE1. Evan Geiselman2. Cam Richards3. Tanner Strohmenger4. Tyler Thornsley5. Tristan Thompson6. Corey Howell

EXPLORER WOMENS1. Christa Alves2. Lauren McLean3. Amy Nicholl4. Leilani Pickett5. Allison Kendro6. Kim Vanderpol

EXPLORER GIRLS1. Quincy Davis2. Savannah Bradley3. Alexis Engstrom4. Jassett Umbel5. Ariel Engstrom6. Daniel Clow

EXPLORER MASTERS1. Jean Lacerte2. Dan Conover3. Lyn Meyers4. Jason Motes5. Anthony Passarelli6. TJ O'Donnell

EXPLORER LONGBOARD1. Jason Motes2. Justin Quintal3. Tony Silvagni4. Dylan Andrews5. Alex Metz6. Michael Wood

EXPLORER SENIORS1. Ricky Carroll2. Kevin Moon3. Bill Miller4. Billy Compton5. Jim Tolliver6. Rob Persan

EXPLORER SUPER SENIORS1. Ricky Carroll2. Craig Colburn3. Tobias Hayes4. Jim Miller5. Gary Magee6. Bill Miller

COLLEGE1. Daytona2. Flagler3. UCF-{{{A4}}}. UNF-{{{A5}}}. UNF-B6. UCF-C

COLLEGE MENS1. Tommy Grooms2. Riky Pasternak3. Chris Egan4. Aaron Lichter5. Bill Stanley6. Andrew Gregory

COLLEGE WOMENS1. Ashley Francis2. Lauren McLean3. Molli Miller4. Jamie Wyman5. Jaqui Damore6. Amanda Mattair

COLLEGE LONGBOARD1. Todd Kinsey2. Brandon Bannardo3. Brad Long4. Nick Gregory5. Jeff Little6. Chris Wessels

COLLEGE BODYBOARD1. Todd Rhoten2. Aaron O'Brien3. Todd Kinsey4. Chris Egan5. Juan Lopez