Meet The NSSA Nationals Open Women Contenders

HAM3900Caroline Marks. Photo: Scotty Hammonds

1. Caroline Marks
Instagram: @caroline_markss
Followers: 11.6k
Recent accomplishment: She won every single girls/womens division at the NSSA East Coast Championships, two years in a row
Why her: Caroline Marks is the biggest talent to come from the east coast since maybe the Hobgoods. She has amazing style and technique, power beyond her years, and an immaculate competitive record. While nationals is a huge deal in and of itself, something tells us it's just another stepping stone in a career that will likely end with multiple World Titles.

2. Brisa Hennessy
Instagram: @brisahennessy
Followers: 19.1k
Recent accomplishment: 2016 Volcom TCT Girls Division Global Champion
Why her: Brisa is a powerhouse, and the comparisons to Carissa Moore have been following her for years. We'd be surprised if she didn't make the final this year, if not win it outright.

3. Summer Macedo
Instagram: @summer_macedo
Followers: 4.7k
Recent accomplishment: 2nd place 2016 Volcom TCT Girls Division Global Championships
Why her: In her last two events, the Volcom Global Champs and the Los Cabos Open Women's Jr. Pro, Summer has finished second. While second place is a successful result in the minds of most, something tells us Summer isn't happy with it. Look for that hunger to translate into a nationals victory.

4. Kirra Pinkerton
Instagram: @kirrapink
Followers: 3k
Recent accomplishment: 2016 NSSA Open Womens/Girls West Coast Champion
Why her: She's got a heavy back foot and she's not afraid to use it. Also, if the West Coast Regionals were any indicator, Kirra knows how to handle HB's wild lumps and bumps.

5. Kahanu Delovio
Instagram: @kahanu_delovio
Followers: 4.4k
Recent accomplishment: 3rd place 2016 Pipe Pro Jr.
Why her: Kahanu is a new name for me, but her Instagram is proof of an undeniable truth: the girl has a lethal frontside snap. If that infamous pier bowl is working during the event, look for the Hawaiian to throw spray and scores well into the excellent range.