NSSA Standout of the Week: Colin Moran


Where SURFING recognize surfers before they're recognizable.

NAME: Colin Moran
HOME: Costa Mesa, California
AGE: 15
SCHOOL: Newport Harbor High School - 10th grade
SPONSORS: Rip Curl, Oakley, Monster, Ocean & Earth, Timmy Patterson Surfboards

In the Open Men's final at the Southwest Open Season contest at Seaside Reef, Colin Moran comboed Derek Peters, Jake Halstead and local Seaside surfer Matt Lewis. He won handedly in the stormy conditions, earned himself a trophy and an email interview with SURFING magazine. Here's the exchange:

1. When you get your drivers license, where’s the first place you’ll do a road trip? Probably some mainland Mexico trips

2. What’s the best piece of advice [Rip Curl Team Manager] Nick Greeninger has ever given you? He said, “Those chicks are nugs. Go talk to them”

3. If not a surfer, what do you want to be when you grow up? An Ultimate Frisbee player

4. What maneuver are you really close to sticking? 540 Big Spin

5. What did you ask for for Christmas? Some candy and my two front teeth

6. Are you surfing after the rains or staying out of the water? I surf no matter what

7. What’s your favorite subject in school? Math

8. Best book you’ve ever read? Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

9. Proudest moment in competition? I beat Matt Archbold

10. You think you’ll kiss a girl at midnight on New Years? For sure