Name: Griffin Colapinto
Hometown: San Clemente, California
Age: 12
School: Shorecliffs Middle School-6th grade
Sponsors: Billabong, Von Zipper, Sex Wax, Grombomb, OAM, Mayhem

The talent pool in the Southwest Conference Open Boys division is more like the Pacific Ocean than an actual pool. NSSA director Janice Aragon says it's the richest she's ever seen. Just a bunch of small humans doing big-human maneuvers in competition, and 12-year-old Griffin Colapinto is right there with the best of them. He's put together a solid campaign this season, his most recent Open Boys win (and fourth of the season) was this past weekend at C Street. With one event remaining in the regular season Griffin's looking to clinch his first NSSA conference title and is a safe bet to bring a West Coast Regional and National championship home to San Clemente.