San Diego is a city of many college kids and many more college vices. Working your way down the coast, late nights in Pacific, Mission and Ocean beaches showcase the best and worst of each university.

Hunter Lysaught attends Point Loma Nazarene University. Huh? Yup, the south San Diego university often forgotten because of its less than rager reputation. Its redeeming quality? Sunset Cliffs, home of numerous reefs that have groomed Hunter's surfing to its current Nationals-winning level.

Last weekend Hunter took first place in the NSSA College Interscholastic State Championships in fun 3-to 5-foot Huntington Beach Pier. In the final, he posted a one-wave score of 9.43

"It wasn’t a set wave, but it was this super-clean, draining right that started close to the pier," Hunter says. "I knew it was going to be a good one when I dropped in, so I went straight into my bottom turn and cracked a turn through the lip, then did a another hit followed by a floater, to an awaiting close-out section that I ended up throwing the tail out on. I guess the judges like the variety of moves and the tail-flair at the end."

He finished with a 15.10, taking away the title from reigning champion, San Diego State's, Doug Van Mierlo.

After finishing the current season at Salt Creek in June, Hunter will move on from NSSA competition.

"My game plan is to do the 'QS and compete professionally when I graduate. I am in the Van’s Pier Classic next week, then doing some [events] in Mexico, Virginia Beach, then hopefully end the year in the Santa Cruz event or Hawaii."

-Bobby Oliver