NSSA Standout of the Week: Isaiah Moniz

Isaiah Moniz. Photo: Billabong

Full Name: Isaiah Moniz
Age: 17
Sponsors: Billabong, Rage Surfboards, Darren Tatsuno, DaKine, Verizon World Junior Team
Hometown: Honolulu, Oahu, HI
Homebreak: Kewalos
School: CEI

Burly Hawaiian surfers are often categorized "power guys," and if they can lay down a solid turn, what's wrong with that? No one tells Sunny Garcia he sucks because he doesn't do airs (and even if it were true, who would dare say it?). But the label leads you to think that a surfer is one-dimensional.

Isaiah Moniz is a burly Hawaiian surfer, and his turns are deep, powerful and all rail. But when he comes out of a massive gouge, he squares up the lip and launches. Versatility at surfing's finest.

Moniz did just that to win the 2011 NSSA Hawaii Regional Championships this last weekend at Kewalos, his homebreak. The event proved to be an overall success for the Moniz family, as Isaiah and his two brothers, Seth and Josh, all placed in different divisions.

"It seemed like the judges were feeling pretty generous throughout the event," says Moniz, modestly. "I did a little air reverse on a left, then dragged it into a reform and got a few more little turns in." But there was nothing "little" about the turns or the air reverse.

With influences like Clay, Chippa and Coleborn, it's no wonder Isaiah is blending stylish Hawaiian power with technical innovation. In May, he'll take it to Newport Beach for the VQS and a week later to Peru for the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships. After that?

"I don't have much planned for the future," he says. "Hopefully Billabong will send me somewhere."