NSSA Standout of the Week: Jake Halstead


Where SURFING recognize surfers before they're recognizable.

NAME: Jake Halstead
HOME: La Jolla, California
AGE: 16
SCHOOL: Adeo Charter School — 11th grade
SPONSORS: Billabong, Rusty Surfboards, Nixon, Oakely, Dakine, Vertra

After making the finals of the last four contests, La Jolla grom Jake Halstead captured an inevitable win last weekend in the Mens Division of the NSSA Southwest Conference. Here's ten questions with the champ:

1) What does "La Jolla" mean in English? The Jewel

2) If you could only surf one wave for the rest of your life, what would it be? An 10-foot slab in West Oz when it's offshore

3) If you were granted one high-five to give to the historical figure of your choice, who would it be and why? Emery Kauanui. He was a local ripper who passed away a couple of years ago. He did huge airs.

4) What’s the best and worst waves in La Jolla? The best wave is a secret spot, I couldnt tell you. The worst must be the Windansea mush- burger

5) What are the driving directions to the best waves? Go about 3 stop lights and turn right when you see a bunch of kooks go one more block.

6) Who is the raddest surfer to ever come out of La Jolla? Derek Dunfee, Ian Rotgans, Max Diaz. There are too many guys who rip to just pick one.

7) In one sentence describe how you won at last weekend’s contest? I was hungry for my first win of the year.

8) Cake or Pie? Cake. It's amazing.

9) How many tubes have you gotten in the last two weeks? I somehow got a couple at Blacks and one really good one at a secret slab.

10) What were people like before computers? They were probably more rootsy. Not as stressed out and more normal. We're all like robots now.