Photos by Billy Watts

Name: Jake Marshall
Hometown: Encinitas, California
Age: 12
School: Rancho Encinitas Academy – 6th grade
Sponsors: Hurley, Nike 6.0, Xanadu, Oakley, Famous, Kicker

We just started putting together this year's NSSA program, so we're knee-deep in gromminess right now. It's awesome — takes us back to the days when we were doing NSSAs and having tight heats and throwing wax at our friends and crushing on girls. Outrageous fun. We weren't that great though, so now we write about surfing.

But Jake Marshall, oh man Jake Marshall will never write for a surf mag (unless he's into writing, in which case Jake, send us your stuff!). The kid's the real deal. He's been stunning this season. Knee-high slop. Win. Eight-foot and maxing beachbreak. Win. Win win win win win win. That's eight wins, his latest being this past weekend at La Jolla Shores. He's got the Open Boys 12 & Under division so locked down that he's got to go to the Open Juniors to be challenged (he's ranked eighth this season). And, if you're looking for less quantifiable merits, Janice Aragon, director of the NSSA and a woman who has seen thousands of groms compete, says about Jake, "He is a competitive machine. He thrives on competition and has a lot of Kelly Slater qualities in him."

Looks like we'll be writing about Jake for a loooooong time.