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Name: Matty Costa
Hometown: Ewa Beach, Hi
Age: 17
School: Elite Element Academy
Sponsors: Pipedreams, Kashiwai Surfboards

"The waves were really fun and good size," says Matty Costa of his last NSSA contest at Banyans. "It was almost canceled because of how big it was, but Aunty Bobby was nice enough to let us older guys go out for our heats."

It's no wonder Matty's giving Aunty Bobby her due respect, thanks to her he was able compete and earn himself a win in the Explorer Junior division and two runner up finishes in the Open and Explorer Mens (jeeze, don't these kids get tired surfing that many heats?). Matty ripped the six-foot surf with power and style beyond his years, making the most of what little time remains in his NSSA career.

"It's my last year," explains Matty of his competitive goals. "I just want to win the Open Mens division and that's about it."

And once he hangs up his competition jersey? What pro surfer of today would he most like to emulate?

True to his goofyfooted brethren, Matty claims "If I could surf like anyone it would be Clay Marzo 'cause he does ridiculous turns and airs!"