NSSA Standout of the Week: Mikey Ciaramella

Mike Ciaramella

NAME: Mikey Ciaramella
AGE: 17
HOME: Stone Harbor, NJ
SCHOOL: Middle Township High School
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Don't know if you've seen or heard, but the East Coast has been cooking lately. From Florida to Maine, it's been an offshore playground, and Mikey Ciaramella has been taking full advantage.

"The waves have been really fun for the past month or so," Mikey says. "Two weekends ago I got some of the best waves I’ve ever gotten on the East Coast."

All that extra water time paid off this weekend when Mikey won the NSSA Northeast Conference High School Championships in Ocean City, New Jersey.

"I came up on the boardwalk and saw some really fun, head-high barrels," Mikey says. "As soon as I saw that, I knew it was going to be a sick day."

A sick day, indeed. Competing against the best high school surfers in New York and New Jersey, Mikey owned the day. He won every one of the five heats he surfed -- a big accomplishment for the high school (real high school, not home school) junior.

"I was really excited about the contest because the last two years I made the finals but wasn’t able to pull off a win," Mikey says. "It was pretty important to me to win because a lot of the best Jersey pros of today, guys like Matt Keenan and Rob Kelly, have won this contest. I feel like it's a good result for my career."

--Taylor Paul

Mike Ciaramella, trophy in hand

Mike Ciaramella, trophy in hand