NSSA Standout of the Week: Nic Hdez

Nic Hdez engulfed in gold
He’s the Lakers number one fan. Nic “Hdez” representin’ in gold.

Name: Nic Hdez
Hometown: Santa Cruz, Ca
Age: 14
School: CAVA-8th grade; 3.0 GPA
Sponsors: Billabong, Nike 6.0, Oakley, Sex Wax, Channel Islands Surfboards

Nic Hdez is as much of a fixture of the Pleasure Point lineup as kelp. And because he's out there every day, scratching into the best set waves and entertaining the lineup during lulls, it's no surprise that Nic ousted the competition last weekend during the NSSA Northwest Open Season finale at the Point. He won both the Open Mens (17.0 total) and Open Juniors (15.5 total) divisions. The wins give a sure confidence boost for the eighth grader, and with next month's Nationals fast approaching, they couldn't have come at a better time. Here are 12 questions with the Santa Cruz's most promising grommet:

1. Hernandez or Hdez? Hdez.

2. Favorite thing about Northern California? The beaches. They're not polluted compared to Southern California.

3. Favorite thing about Southern California? The seven-hour drive it takes me to get down there.

4. How do you justify being a Lakers fan? My parents both growing up in LA County and it just got passed on.

5. Why do you love Colby Bryant? I don’t know who that is.

6. How do you meet girls? On match.com

7. Favorite pick-up line? “Hey, what’s your twitter?"

8. Favorite Surfer? A mix between Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, and Andy Irons.

9. Funniest movie you’ve ever seen? Due Date.

10. Best book you’ve ever read? Under the Blood Red Sun

11. Game plan for Nationals? Try my hardest.

12. Best heat of your life? Three years ago at Nationals, I was in the Open Boys semifinal against all Hawaiians — Ian Gentil, Luke Hitchcock, Makai McNamara, Kain Daly and Lahiki Minimishin — and they were all ripping. I was the youngest and by far the most nervous, and there weren’t a lot of waves. Luckily I picked two good ones and ended up winning the heat and making my first Nationals final.