Name: Nolan Rapoza
Hometown: Long Beach, Ca
Age: 13
School: CAVA — 7th Grade
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Black Flys, Katin Surf Shop, Grom Bomb, Roberts Surfboards

When you come up against competitors like Jake Marshall, you've got to have ice in your veins to win. Maybe it was the weather, which hovered in the high 30s on Sunday morning during the Southwest Explorer contest in Huntington, that helped Nolan Rapoza stay cold blooded and earn himself the victory in the Menehuene division. Judges claimed Nolan earned the win by catching the best set waves and laying down and laying down "man turns." (Well it wasn't the girls division; of course they were man turns.)

On top of getting better every time he dons a jersey, Nolan brightens the contest area with his perpetual smile and good sportsmanship. Great surfer. Great disposition. What's missing? What's missing? Oh yeah, he's also smart. 3.8 GPA smart.