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Name: Parker Coffin
Hometown: Santa Barbara, Ca
Age: 15
School: Olive Grove Charter School-10th grade
Sponsors: Volcom, Reef, Sex Wax, Spy, Creatures, Channel Islands, A Frame Surf Shop

Parker Coffin had a double-whammy last weekend, winning the Open Juniors and Open Mens divisions of the Southwest Open Season at Huntington Beach. We asked the young winner / blogger / charger ten questions.

1) Why is the NSSA legit?
All of the past winners.

2) Which win felt better this weekend, Juniors or Mens?
Juniors. I was so tired and hungry after the Mens final I didn’t really get to enjoy it. I just wanted to get off the beach and be warm.

3) What’s your favorite youngwisetail blog post?
Maybe the Del Taco blowout. We were trying to sneak out of Huntington before the traffic so instead of wasting time at a restaurant we hit up the Drive Thru at Del Taco. BAD IDEA.


4) What's the nicest thing your older brother has ever done for you?
There are too many to count.

5) Why is having curly hair awesome?
I don’t know. Something about it just kicks ass, though.

6) Favorite thing to do outside of surfing?

Artwork and cruise with my friends at home. BBQ. Do some good ol' American cooking.

7) Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus?
Miley Cyrus…

8) Biggest wave you’ve ever surfed (measured by wave face, not Hawaiian style)?
I don’t know. Such a funny question. It always feel bigger in real life than it looks in photos.

9) When will you surf Maverick's?
Well, to tell you the truth it’s one of my goals this year. I hope I get to do it.

10) What’s the best way to approach a girl?
I am so bad it. I’ve learned a little. I think the best way to initiate a conversation with random girls is the standard, “You guys from around here?” It opens up some good topics to speak about. But you kinda have to watch it though because if they say yes, and you ask "where abouts?" they could get the “Oh my God this guy is going to stalk me and follow me home and try and kill me vibe.” So it’s a good one you just have to watch where it goes.